Art Requirements

Page Size

The overall size of your document must equal the final output size. The exception are documents that require bleeds. (See Bleeds)


The standard measurement for any bleed is 1/8”. Please ensure bleeds extend 1/8“ past the final trim size. The overall document should be the final trim size + 1/8” on the bleeding sides.


Use CMYK color modes for all artwork. DO NOT USE RGB. Our RIP will convert any RGB elements to CMYK with unpredictable results.

Spot Colors

If your job requires spot colors, please leave them active. Avoid having mulitple versions of the same color. Ensure all elements are created with the same spot color name.

Image Resolution

Photo images should be a least 300 dpi at 100% of the final size. Images that are 72 dpi, such as those found online, will produce pixelated images.


To avoid issues or substitutions, please provide all fonts, convert all fonts to outlines, or rasterize any type.

Suggested File Formats
InDesign .indd
Illustrator .ai or .eps
Photoshop .jpg or .tiff or .psd
Quark XPress .qxd
Acrobat .pdf*
Other Accepted Formats**
MS Word .doc
MS Excel .xls
MS PowerPoint .ppt
* Properly formatted PDF's exported from InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, or QuarkXPress are acceptable.
** These programs were not designed for commerical printing. Reformatting and additional charges may apply to these orders.